The Zero Gravity Bean Bag FAQs

Do I have color options?

The Zero Gravity Bean Bag will, initially, come in one color, Navy Blue.  The cover material is a very durable and strong poly/cotton twill blend.

Can the cover be removed?

Yes.  The outer cover can be unzipped and machine washed and dried on warm setting. The inner-liner holds the high density polystyrene balls that gives the bag its shape. 

How much does it weigh?

The bag and its contents weigh approximately 10 pounds.

What is used for the filling?

High Density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Mini Beads.

Can it be returned?

Yes, the Zero Gravity Bean Bag can be returned within 14 days of receipt, but we do not pay for return shipping. Must be returned in new condition.

What is the cover made out of?

Poly/Cotton Twill (sides) and Lycra/Spandex (top).

Does it have a childproof  zipper?

Yes.  The zipper mechanism has had the pull tab removed.  This will require an object, such as one end of a paper clip, be inserted into a hole in the zipper mechanism and used as a pull tab to open the zipper and have access to the polystyrene filler.

Will I need to replace the filling?

Yes.  Even though we use the highest quality polystyrene filler, with use, the filler will lose some of its buoyancy as the weight from the body will compress the filler, as air is pushed out of the cells of the filler.  Shaking the Zero Gravity Bean Bag, similar to fluffing up a pillow, will help restore air inside the cells and improve the cushioning effect.  However, over time, a small amount of polystyrene will need to be added to the bag.  Polystyrene is a very common filler for traditional bean bags and is readily available from multiple online  sources and retailers, such as Walmart, Target and Amazon.

What’s the max weight of a person using The Zero Gravity Bean Bag?

We have not been able to determine a max weight for the Zero-G Bean Bag.  The heaviest user that we know of that has used the Zero-G Bean Bag weighs 225 pounds.

Are there health risks associated with using the Zero Gravity Bean Bag?

The Zen Bag is not designed for use by infants or small children. We are not medical professionals and we have not conducted any studies to evaluate potential health risks.  However, we have approached the design and creation of the Zero-G Bean Bag with comfort and safety in mind. While the Zero-G Bean Bag does have unique and proprietary features and benefits, it does share some commonalities with traditional bean bags -- specifically, the amount of increased effort required to get out of the bag.  The Zero-G Bean Bag, as with other bean bags, sits low on the ground.  This will require some body flexibility and upper body strength to raise yourself up and out. 

When can I expect my Zero Gravity Bean Bag?

Zero Gravity Bean Bags take approximately 7 days to make.  Shipping will take another 1 to 7 days for delivery, depending on destination address.

Is the Zero Gravity Bean Bag patented?

Yes.  Our patent number is US 10,206,514 B1. The shape, functionality, materials and resulting benefits of the Zen Bag is patented. The protection of the patent will be vigorously defended both domestically and internationally.