Zero gravity Bean Bag - Heaven!

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It’s been about two and a half years since my last blog post and my only reason A big move, lots of medical issues, COVID, a car accident, and am now in the middle of another big move (related to the accident and completely unplanned). During most points of this section of time, even opening a blank page to start a blog intimidated me and made me anxious. I usually write when I’m feeling this way, but not this time.

But, here we are. I want to talk to you about this amazing invention called the “Zero Gravity Beanbag” made by a company called Zero Gravity Zen. I learned about this small company unconventionally, but am so glad I did! I follow a couple of YouTube families and they all fall under the same vein of raising children and young adults with disabilities. One of these YouTube pages, which I highly recommend, by the way, is called Six Blind Kids. The videos recount the life of parents, who after having one biological child, found themselves unable to conceive again. So, they begin adopting and within a matter of years, they adopted six blind kids, most with other developmental delays as well. I truly enjoy the videos and learning about each child/young adult and how they became part of the family and what they contribute to the family as they all do. I also found out about the Zero Gravity Beanbag as it was featured in one of their videos. As someone with chronic pain, I wondered if this might help me since I need to change positions so often to be comfortable and not become stiff and cause pain.

I reached out to the owner, Keith, just to learn more about the beanbag and the cost. I expected a longer description and a price tag. Instead, I had an offer (with no requirement to write about it) to have it sent to me free to try it out with no expectation for its return. A huge box appeared on the porch one day and I brought it into the living area and opened it up. This bag came to me quickly and I was eager to try it out. It looked huge. Now, I’m petite (I *like* to say I’m 5’2”) but in no way small. I sent a barrage of emails to Keith with questions about how to use it the right way and he kindly answered each one personally. 

On the website, the beanbag is described as a “Zero Gravity Zen Bag For Stress Relief In Calming & Comfort.” To me, that is the absolute perfect description. The product specs are:

Weight: 10 lbs
Filling Material:  High-Density Polystyrene (Foam) Mini Beads
Outer Cover: Poly/Cotton Twill & Lycra/Spandex top for added comfort
Removable cover for easy washing.

    This beanbag will literally retain most shapes you try. My favorite is to have my head up higher for reading and my feet out straight. And because I am “height-challenged,” my feet barely hang over the other edge. The foam beads move easily even while on the beanbag. I have yet to find an “uncomfortable” position. It takes the weight off my back and I can be on it for hours without accumulating pain when I would in/on other pieces of furniture. I wouldn’t quite call this furniture; but, it’s super comfy that I’ve even napped on it (and if you know me at all, napping is quite difficult). This beanbag is nearly perfect for those of us with chronic pain conditions/chronic illnesses with only one small complaint. For those of you that have trouble getting up and down from the floor, you may need to place this beanbag near something you can grab onto to pull yourself up (or do more core work, but the first idea is more likely for us “spoonies”). I do have to roll over to get off the bag but I don’t struggle too much to get up off my hands and knees thanks to the yoga I try to do on a semi-regular basis (meaning once a week - it’s made a HUGE difference but that’s another topic).

So, if it’s not nice outside (although they have an outdoor version of this), you can find me on this beanbag with a weighted blanket and a nice book or reading/playing games on my iPad. I can lay on this for hours without ANY discomfort. Now, as I stated, I got this free and the upfront cost is high but to be honest, if I had tried someone else’s for a couple of hours, the cost would be worth it. (Again, this is not a paid promotion or even a requested promotion from/for the company. This was MY choice to write this to let people know about this amazing product.) Also, as I am writing this, there is a sale going on for this wonderful piece of heaven.

 I’m not a selfie person so I won’t show a picture of me on the beanbag but if you go to the website,, you can see how much the person they have on their site loves it. I have zero (haha, get it? Zero? I know, lame. ;-) ) complaints about this. Go out and get one. Or ask for it for whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate. Maybe for your birthday? Arbor Day? Any holiday? Any day you choose to get this amazing piece is the right day! So, go buy one and tell me what you think.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy it in good health (and bad, if necessary)!